Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Extreme Adventure in the Amazon Rainforest

If you feel that conventional jungle trips are so boring and you are looking for somewhat harder, Iquitos offers jungle survival training courses.

"We organize basic and advanced jungle survival training courses." Says Héctor Vezirian, naturalist and main organizer at Amazon Explorer, the only company in Iquitos that organizes this kind of courses as well as jungle expeditions off the beaten track. "Both courses are given by qualified and active military trainers."

Training the mind is essential for survival, involving a combination of confidence, aggressiveness and an extreme willingness to overcome adversity, even when circumstances are not on our side. Most of the methods you will learn during the course may also be useful in other areas.

Training courses contains aspects of jungle survival, giving the most practical ways of adaption to the environment, and the use of natural resources and is divided into two phases: Theory is given in Iquitos and the practical part is taught 60 km or 37 mi away from the city.

Participants are forbbiden to bring food and water. Just a knife, a compass, insect repellent and some other basic things. They must to fish, milk water from vines, making fire under extreme conditions, making flotation devices for water crossings, build their own shelter and traps to survive. Also, it will be taugh conventional help signals, first aid, techniques of buoyancy, rescue in rivers and lakes, transfer of injured, and more. After this incredible jungle experience each participant receive a certificate.

If you dare to learn the law of the jungle, contact Amazon Explorer (Iquitos, Perú); ; ;


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