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Iquitos Hotels and hostels (accommodations)

Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazonia. This city offers more than 185 accommodations from a 5-star hotel to many economical hostels and budget dormitories. We have checked some registered accommodations and we have classified them according their price ranges for a single room as following: 

  • Luxury: Over S/. 180 Soles. 
  • Mid-range: S/. 90 to 180 Soles. 
  • Budget: Under S/. 90 Soles. 
  • Dormitory (shared room): S/. 20 Soles per person. 
These are our favourites, located at walking distance from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square):


1. El Dorado Plaza Hotel and Business. Jr. Napo 254-258. Modern looking is opposite the Plaza de Armas. The only 5-star hotel in Iquitos. It has a business centre, restaurant, bar, and pool. Rates are over S/. 550 Soles. 

2. Victoria Regia Hotel & Suites. Jr. Ricardo Palma 252. A 3-star hotel with the facilities of a 5-star. This is one of the best options for travellers looking for elegant facilities and an outstanding service. It is located within walking distance the Plaza de Armas, only 4 blocks away. Facilities include restaurant, café, pool, business centre, and more. Around S/. 200 Soles.

3. Samiria Jungle Hotel. Jr. Ricardo Palma 159. Located within walking distance from the Plaza de Armas (4 blocks away), is one of the two newest accommodations (join with Gran Marañón). It has pool, restaurant, and business centre. Around S/. 200 Soles.

4. El Dorado Isabel. Jr. Napo 362. One block from the Plaza de Armas, has pool, wifi, and restaurant. Around S/. 230 Soles.


1. Emperador Terraza Hotel Iquitos. Jirón Fitzcarrald 191. info@emperadorterraza.comLocated right off the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and one block from the Main Church in Iquitos, this small, charm and elegant hotel is situated close to the city’s famous historic buildings, museums, banks, ATMs, malls, and tourist services. Emperador Terraza features a classical and contemporary design, with 12 rooms with modern amenities including flat screen TV, air conditioner or electric fan, intercom, fitted closet, safe box, and private bathroom with shower. The hotel has 24-hour reception desk, room service, wireless Internet area, Internet PC (WIFI), luggage storage and specialized tourist information. Their staff is friendly, polite, helpful, and reliable; most of them speak pretty good English. They accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners cards. Rates include continental breakfast. Rates from S/ 70 Soles.

2. Terra Bella
www.terrabellaperu.comJr. Putumayo 442. A samll hotel located two blocks the Main Square, featuring 13 rooms with TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibar, private bathroom.

3. Casa Morey Hotel Boutique. Jr. Loreto 220. This building is a Historical Monument belonging to the Rubber Era (1879-1914). Was built on 1912, it is located 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas offers very spacious rooms, with a romantic, nineteen-century look. Has a library stocked with books on flora and fauna, and pool. Also, its hall has a collection of stuff of the Rubber Era in the Amazon. Ideal for history lovers. Rates from S/ 150 Soles.

4. Nativa Apartments. Jirón Nanay 144. Located four blocks from the Main Square, has 13 quiet, clean and confortable apartments, with air conditioning, WIFI, hot water, cable TV and kitchenette with microwave, glasses and fridge. Rates from S/ 180 Soles.

5. Gran Marañón. Jr. Loreto 446. Is one of the two newest accommodations (join with Gran Marañón), located only 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. It offers spacious facilities, business centre, wifi, restaurant, and pool. A good relationship between quality and rate.
Rates from S/ 130 Soles.

6. Marañón Hotel. Jr. Nauta 285-289. One block from the Plaza de Armas. Among the facilities are included wifi, restaurant, and pool.
Rates from S/ 100 Soles.

7. Acosta Hotel. Two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, this is a small 3-star hotel. A good option if you are looking for some comfortable and reliable place.
Rates from S/ 130 Soles.

8. La Casona Hotel. Clean and quiet, this 2-star hotel is half block from the Plaza de Armas. It has a shared kitchenette, courtyard, and a little library.
Rates from S/ 90 Soles.

9. Ambassador. Clean rooms and central location, three blocks from the Plaza de Armas.
Rates from S/ 90 Soles.

10. El Colibrí. A clean and good option at one block from the Plaza de Armas.


1. La Pascana.
2. Florentina.


(S/.20 Soles per person on shared rooms)
1. Las Golondrinas. Putumayo block 10. Around 15-minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas, this is the only backpacker that has a pool in Iquitos. Rates from S/ 25 Soles.

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